Intelligent Resource Management System (IRMS) is a comprehensive, secure, and highly scalable solution to enable HR department to manage their resources efficiently to gain competitive advantage in today’s dynamic environment. With a simple and easy-to-use user interface, the IRMS helps improve customer efficiency in managing their resources. The IRMS is a highly customizable product that can be tailored according to your requirements. Once the data is captured, the IRMS processes and validates the data, and generates alerts if there are any risks. This product enables you to capture accurate employee data. You can enter the complete data of an employee, including salary details, insurance information, and so on. IRMS supports biometric authentication of an employee’s identity, and this ensures prevention of impersonation of employees at the work place. The biometric authentication method helps track attendance, thereby leading to increased efficiency. It also helps monitor the hours worked by an employee, thus keeping track of whether an employee has worked overtime or less than the prescribed time.


  • Check impersonation of employees (staff and contractors)
  • Monitor hours worked (overtime and under time)
  • Manage employees’ leave
  • View complaint history
  • View report on employee data issues
  • Control data entry and modification
  • Identify high-risk resources
  • Organize documents, image files, and data securely