2D & 3D Animation

If you are thinking to bring life to your business, then our 2D & 3D animation is the right choice for you.

  • Well experienced team of multimedia artists & professionals to create interactive presentations
  • Our animations involves the process of creating artworks and models which transforms to mimic a smooth real-life motion
  • Outstanding creative talent of architectural visualization and concept development
  • 3D character digital modelling and walkthroughs to visualize your thoughts
3D Walkthrough Animations

Cobigent creates customised 2D animations, 3D animations and 3D walkthroughs for the architecture and construction industry. A 3D walkthrough is the best solution to create a

visual impact of an architectural structure. It depicts the interior and exterior landscapes of office buildings, residential complexes, and other visuals before the actual construction of the project. The 3D walkthrough animation can also be used in various forms such as presentation of client’s products and services in various media like television, websites, digital video commercials or innovative designs for print, DTP.

The 3D Walkthroughs created by Cobigent maintain the following points:
  • 3D Exterior landscaping is created with proper placement of roads, vehicles, trees, fences, and other objects.
  • The layout and designs of the rooms are arranged as per the customers plans provided.
  • Texture and pattern of the external and internal structure, objects, and surroundings is created as per client’s requirements.
  • The interior objects are placed with proper colour schemes and proper light intensity, light reflection, and colour hues are maintained
  • The 3D walkthrough is then generated using high end software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and 3D Studio Max.
  • The 3D walkthroughs are delivered only after authentic quality check procedures.